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Common in stores

Common in stores




SIGA (Adhesive in a roll)

Tuck Tape (Sheating Tape)

Tuck Tape (Vapour Barrier Tape)


Use water-based products such as those used in hospitals. Find SafECOat here: https://eco-building.ca/product-category/eco-sealants-and-adhesives/

Comes in flexible sealant formulas and ridgid structural adhesive formulas

Pure silicone cannot be painted. Paintable silicones have additives.

Is a blend of the best of Polyurethane and Silicone and is paintable without other additives. Check caulking tube lables for mention of Hybrid. Find product here: https://adfastcorp.com/en/

Ardex is a superiour brand. Ordinary thinset is available in all renovation centres. Find it here: https://www.ardex.com/

Find SafeCoat here: https://eco-building.ca/product-category/eco-sealants-and-adhesives/

Vapour barrier adhesion without solvents: https://www.siga.swiss/global_en/products/primur/primur-roll

Generally a Red tape used for outdoor polypropylene weather barriers. Solvent based adhesive

Generally a Blue tape used for indoor polyethylene vapour barriers. Solvent based adhesive


Solvent-free water-based adhesives are available for most gluing jobs, but are not all Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) free.
Most solvent-free adhesives cure by drying, or evaporating off the water. Some, like silicone and polyurethane, cure by reacting to moisture in the air.
Note: many caulkings or sealing products used for cracks, are also used as adhesives, so the categories cross over.
Thinset mortar is a very strong non-organic masonary product without any solvents that is the preferred adhesive for tile and stone on both walls and floors, available in all renovation centres and tile stores.