Healthy alternatives

All-purpose cleaners are effective for stain removal on carpets.

Brand nameProduct description
Nature CleanCarpet Cleaner


To remove stains from your carpet naturally, mix an equal amount of hot water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and add a tablespoon of liquid Castile soap. Wipe this mixture over the stain with a cloth.

To remove an odour trapped in your carpet, dust the area with baking soda. Leave overnight or for several hours, then vacuum the carpet.

Avoid the following chemicals in regular products

1,4-dioxane: possible carcinogen

Ammonia: irritant and corrosive to the skin, eyes and respiratory and digestive tract

Isopropyl alcohol: irritant to eyes, skin sensitizer

Butyl cellosolve: neurotoxic

Ethanol: possible carcinogen (confirmed in animals), irritant to skin, eyes, mucous membranes and respiratory tract, neurotoxic

Methyl ether: neurotoxic, eye and respiratory irritant, reproductive effects

Naphtalene: possible carcinogen (confirmed in animals), irritant to skin and eyes

Synthetic fragrances: allergens

Perchloroethylene: possible carcinogen (confirmed in animals), irritant to skin (strong), eyes and upper respiratory tract, neurotoxic

Petroleum solvent: possible carcinogen depending on the degree of purification (possible contamination by butadiene), allergen