Healthy alternatives


Brand nameProduct description
AttitudeNatural Diaper Cream, Zinc, fragrance-free
Babo BotanicalsSensitive Baby Daily Hydra Baby Lotion
DruideBaby Body Milk
Earnest MomCalendula Butter Baby Cream
Everyday OilFragrance-free
EveryoneBaby Lotion Simply unscented
Finally Pure For Baby100% natural baby lotion, unscented
Green BeaverBaby Lotion, fragrance-free
MustelaHydrating Cream
Pipette babyLotion, fragrance-free
TerressentialsOrganic Fragrance-free Baby Oil
ThinkbabyBaby Lotion, fragrance-free


A child’s skin is naturally composed of oils. By using mild soaps, the use of lotions or oils can be reduced.

Use a mild oil, preferably organic, such as coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil…

Replace talcum powder with rice starch, corn starch or arrowroot powder.

Avoid the following chemicals in regular products

1,4-dioxane: possible carcinogen

Ammonia: irritant and corrosive to the skin, eyes, and the respiratory and digestive tract

Dyes (coal tar): carcinogen, skin sensitizer, photosensitizer

DMDM hydantoin: possible carcinogen (by release of formaldehyde), skin irritant, skin sensitizer

Mineral oil: possible carcinogen depending on the degree of purification, allergen

Lanolin (oil, if not organic): skin sensitizer

Parabens: endocrine disruptors

Perfumes: allergens

PEG: may contain carcinogenic 1,4-dioxane, irritant to skin, eyes and respiratory tract

Propylene glycol: allergen, irritant

Quarternium-15: possible carcinogen (by release of formaldehyde)

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: irritant, may cause contact dermatitis

Talc: possible carcinogen, irritant to skin, eyes and respiratory tract

TEA: respiratory and skin sensitizer, irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract