Insects can quickly become difficult to control in your home. To prevent their spread, here is a set of tips and tricks to put into practice.

  • Keep the home clean, especially the kitchen and bathroom
  • Empty garbage cans everyday
  • Store food in containers with fitting lids
  • Don’t leave overripe fruit or vegetable on the counter
  • Repair leaks to avoid moisture problems
  • Fill holes and cracks to prevent insects from entering
  • Remove any firewood and tree branches in contact with the house


To eliminate ants inside your home, here is a simple recipe with 3 ingredients and cotton. Soak cotton balls in mixture of 1 litre of water, 7 teaspoons of boric acid, and 1 cup of sugar and place into an old margarine container with lid on. Punch holes on sides of container (allows ants to enter). Place where ants are. If ants are very tiny, omit container, but keep away from children and pets. Moisten cotton balls daily. After 1 to 2 weeks, make a new solution with only 1/2 amount of boric acid, apply on fresh cotton balls and refresh container. First batch kills a good portion of colony, but weaker solution gives long-term control. Ensure that ants take the solution back to the nest, so don’t stomp on them! The other solution is to mix one part of borax or boric acid with nine parts of icing sugar. Leave a teaspoon full of the mixture in a dry area where ants are present.

To eliminate fleas, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of nutritional yeast to your cat or dog’s food. Frequently wash and vacuum all pet bedding. Empty vacuum cleaner bag after each cleaning session.

To eliminate head lice, coat hair with coconut or olive oil. Place a white cotton cloth on shoulders. Comb hair in sections (ensure to keep over white cloth) using a special comb designed for head lice (available at pharmacies). Dip the comb in bowl of hot soapy water after each pass to remove lice or eggs. Ensure the white cloth doesn’t have any lice on it and shake it outside house. Wash hair thoroughly and repeat until lice and eggs are removed.