A defining feature of Black identity is tied to hair. Whether that be the choice to wear it natural, relaxed, or in wigs and weaves, hair holds a special place in the identity of many Black folks.

The variation in density, curl and kink that makes Black hair so unique is what necessitates products different from those used by non-Black people. In the pursuit for better products with organic ingredients and no fragrances, it can be hard to find these solutions.

Black people need hair products, as do most, but whether hair is worn naturally or not, there are likely a multitude of products necessary for maintaining style and hair health.

Healthy Alternatives:


– Kreyòl Essence

– Briogeo (select products only as some products contain essential oils)

– As I Am

– Obia Naturals

– Pure Coconut Oil

– Black Castor Oil — Commonly found as Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Haitian Black Castor Oil

– Pure Argan Oil

– Raw Shea Butte


– Rice Water Hair Rinse/Soak

– Honey Olive Oil Conditioner — 1Honey : 2Olive Oil

– Deep Conditioner:

– – 1/2 cup raw Shea butter (softened)

– – 3 tablespoons coconut oil

– – 2 tablespoons Jamaican castor oil (switch for argan oil for finer hair)

– – 6-8 drops rosemary oil

– – 4-6 drops tea tree oil