Maintaining a clean home can reduce exposure to allergens, pesticides, chemicals, pest droppings, and shelter for pests. Women consume 168 chemicals from 12 products daily, while men consume 85 chemicals. Using organic and simple cleaning products can reduce exposure to complex chemicals. Soap is a multi-purpose and effective cleaning option. Castille soap is biodegradable and safe for babies, pets, and adults, and fragrance-free options prevent respiratory irritation. Vinegar and water create a 50/50 disinfectant and cuts through grease, killing household pathogens including flu strains. Baking soda unclogs and deodorizes drains, and is an abrasive cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide is a stable disinfectant for inanimate surfaces, killing most bacteria, viruses, fungi, and germs.

The World Health Organization has warned against early exposure to chemicals during childhood, with household cleaning products being one of the main sources. Antibacterial cleaners contain triclosan, which can form dioxin and harm the immune system, fertility, hormones and birth effects. Air fresheners contain formaldehyde, which is a carcinogen and can cause allergic reactions and joint pain, while dishwasher detergents are the top cause of accidental child poisoning. Oven cleaners contain chemicals that are carcinogenic and toxic, while bathroom cleaners contain hydrochloric acid and hypochlorite bleach, both of which are corrosive and can cause health issues. Alternatives include regular soap, baking soda, and vinegar.

We strongly recommend using fragrance-free products for deodorant, hair care, skincare, makeup, feminine products, baby wipes, laundry and cleaning products, and more. Fragrance-free labels are preferable to unscented ones. These products are widely available in grocery, health food, and drug stores at comparable prices. It’s important to read labels carefully as some unscented products still contain chemicals that can cause harm.

Air fresheners and candles →All-purpose cleaners →Bathroom and toilet cleaners →
Bleach →Carpet cleaners →Dishwashing liquid →
Disinfectant →Drain opener Dry cleaning
Dust removal → Fabric softener →Floor cleaners →
Dishwashing detergents →Laundry →Leather protection →
Mould →Oven cleaners →Stain remover →
Vacuums →Waxing and polishing →Windows cleaners →