Healthy alternatives


Brand nameProduct description
Aloe Vera gel (pure)
Carina OrganicsUnscented Fast Drying Hairspray
Coconut oil (pure)
Erin’s FacesArgan Oil
Real PurityStyling Gel


Vegetable oils are a great way to naturally moisturize your hair. DIY Natural offers options to make your hair silky.

You will find other mask recipes to fortify, give volume or nourish your hair.

Avoid the following chemicals in regular products

Ceteareths 20 and 25: possible carcinogens

DMDM Hydantoin: possible carcinogen, skin irritant, skin sensitizer

Oxybenzone: allergen, photosensitizer, endocrine disruptor

Parabens: endocrine disruptors

Perfumes: allergens

Propylene glycol: allergen, irritant