The standard professional plastic water supply or hydronic heating piping. New pipes need an off-gassing period. This is done by running the water over a period of time to allow the chemicals to wash out.

Black plastic drain pipes

White plastic drain pipes

Considered the gold standard in plumbing. It comes in two thicknesses: M for residential use and thicker walled L for commercial use. For areas with high mineral content, consult a professional (to avoid build-up and blockage in pipes)

Corrodes badly and old pipes clogg with iron deposits are best to replace if found in an old home.


New plastic plumbing pipes are an issue for people who experience Multiple Chemical Sensitivities due to the offgassing of chemicals from the pipes into the water used for drinking, cooking, bathing, etc.
ABS and PVC type of drain pipes which as used to drain from the sink, shower, bath, toilets, etc., pose few problems themselves, but the solvent to seal the joints is very problematic and takes a long time to offgass. Many plastic drain joints can be made with rubber sleeves clamped to each side in order to avoid solvents. This is especially useful during repairs.