Healthy Alternatives

EPDM (Ethylene, Propylene, Diene, Monomer): recyclable and non-polluting alternative to bitumen (asphalt) roofs. However, these materials are derived from oil, an exhaustible resource.

Green Roof: filters volatile particles and produces a large amount of oxygen. Very good insulation and durable (see eco home).

Metal: resistant, durable and recyclable. The only negative point is the high amount of grey energy emitted during manufacturing.

Palm: natural material, durable (50 years) and very good insulator.

Recycled rubber (95%): fire resistant, low maintenance, durable and recyclable.

Slate replica: made from recyclable polymer. Resistant and durable (50 years).

Steel: shingles made from new and recycled steel. 100% recyclable, durable (50 years) and low maintenance materials.

Wood (cedar shingles, larch shingles): resistant to moisture and light weathering. It emits little gray matter and is durable (more than 30 years). However, it does not have good fire resistance.


Avoid the installation of asphalt shingle roofs that are highly polluting from their manufacture (grey energy) to their use, and at their end of life. They emit solvents when exposed to the sun and contribute to the increase of temperatures in urban areas. In addition, their lifespan is quite short (15 to 20 years).