Healthy alternatives

Prefer shampoos with a neutral pH (less irritating)


Brand nameProduct description
Attitude2 in 1 Shampoo and Body Wash, fragrance-free
Baja BabyUnscented Shampoo and Wash
Babo BotanicalsSensitive Baby, Shampoo and Wash
Carina OrganicsBaby Shampoo and Body Wash
Dolphin OrganicsShampoo and Body Wash, fragrance-free
Green BeaverBaby Wash, fragrance-free
Made ofFoaming Organic Baby Shampoo and Body Wash, fragrance-free
Pipette BabyShampoo and Wash, fragrance-free
Uniquely JTear-free Baby Shampoo and Body Wash


You can make your own natural and gentle shampoo, using 3 ingredients. In a container, mix:

400 ml of liquid castille soap

3 tablespoons of coconut oil (or sweet almond oil for example)

water at container level 

You will find more information on Natural Living Family.

Avoid the following chemicals in regular products

DEA: possible carcinogen (by release of nitrosamines)

DMDM hydratoin: possible carcinogen, skin irritant, skin sensitizer

EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetracetic acid): irritant to skin and eyes (strong), skin sensitizer

MEA: possible carcinogen (by release of carcinogenic nitrosamines), endocrine disruptor

Perfumes: allergens

Polyethylene glycol: may contain carcinogenic 1,4-dioxane, irritant to skin, eyes and respiratory tract

Quaternium-15: possible carcinogen

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: irritant, may cause contact dermatitis

TEA: irritating to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract, respiratory and skin sensitizer