Note: Antibacterial soaps are useless and can be harmful to your health. The best way to maintain good hygiene is to wash your hands under running water for 10-20 seconds before handling food or your face.

Alternatives saines

Sans parfum

Attitude – Natural Shower Gel, fragrance-free

Auromère – Ayurvedic Soap

Bare Organics – Organic Bar Soaps

Bubble and Bee – Unscented Shower Gel

Carina Organics – Moisturizing Body Wash

Druide – Pur and Pure Savon

Earthsafe – Hand and Body Wash

Ecomax – Natural Hand and Body Wash

Healing Scents – Bar Soaps

Honey Sweetie Acres – Goat Milk Soap, fragrance-free

Miessence – Organic Coconut Soap

Nature Clean – Sensitive Face, Body, Bath Bar

Oneka – Shower Gel

Opas Soap – Soaps (available fragrance-free) 

Rocky Mountain Soap Company – Soaps (available fragrance-free)

Soap For Goodness Sake – Hand-made Soap

Terressentials – Organic Gentle Bath Gel

Avec parfums (essential oils)

Be Green Bath and Body – Hand and Body Soap

Everyone – Hand Soap

Green Beaver – Natural Foaming Soap

Jusu Body – Natural Soap

Kosmatology – Foaming Hand Soap

Makes 3 Organics – Organic Soap Bar


It is preferable to use bar soaps, which often contain simpler and less harmful ingredients than liquid soaps.

You will find a healthy soap recipe here.

Ingredients to avoid

  • Dyes: possible carcinogens, skin sensitizers, photosensitizers and mutagens
  • Mineral oil: possible carcinogen, depending on the degree of purification, allergen
  • Synthetic fragrances: allergens
  • Triclosan and Triclocarban (contained in antibacterial soaps): endocrine disruptors