Healthy alternatives

Ecological swimming pool (biopiscine, biological swimming pool, biological pool, natural pool): it has many advantages compared to a traditional chlorinated swimming pool. It does not contain any chemical products (oxygenation and regeneration by plants and microfauna) and therefore requires little maintenance. In addition, its aesthetic aspect is integrated into the natural environment and has a reduced environmental impact. Finally, it is resistant to cold winters.

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Salt can be an alternative to the use of chlorine. It requires less maintenance and is gentler on eyes and hair. However, this system requires a low-voltage electric current device that converts salt into chlorine. In other words, it is not a 100% harmless solution, and quite polluting for the environment (when changing water).

Other alternative systems exist, however their use is complementary to the (reduced) use of bromine or chlorine salt. These three alternatives are ozonation, ionisation and UV radiation. These systems require the purchase of additional equipment, but have a reduced environmental impact compared to a fully chlorinated system.

Avoid the following chemicals in regular products

Chlorine: irritant and corrosive to the skin, eyes and respiratory tract

The action of the chlorine bactericide on the environment and aquatic organisms is also harmful.