Healthy alternatives

Brand nameProduct description
AliksirDental Care Powder, Tea Tree
Anarres Natural HealthToothpaste or Toothpowder
ArganatAll Natural Clay Toothpaste
Davids naturalToothpastes
DruideAnise Toothpaste
Green BeaverSpearmint Natural Toothpaste
ModereToothpaste Refresh 
With myLemonade Toothpaste


Here is a simple recipe to make your natural (powdered) toothpaste. In a jar, mix:

1 cup of white clay

1 teaspoon baking soda

Moisten your toothbrush and put the mixture on it.

Avoid the following chemicals in regular products

1,4-dioxane: possible carcinogen

Sweeteners: different possible toxic effects for humans

Fluoride: possible carcinogen, neurotoxic

Propylene glycol: allergenic, irritant

Sodium lauryl sulfate: irritant, may cause contact dermatitis

Triclosan: endocrine disruptor