Healthy alternatives

Glass blocks

Healthy coatings and paints: VOC-free

Synthetic gypsum (at least 96% recycled): durable, economical, fire and moisture resistant and healthy product. Prefer gypsum produced locally in Canada.

Wood panelling: resistant and environmentally friendly

Glass paste: ecological solution (at least 98% recycled materials) to be used with a non-toxic glue.

Decorative stones and bricks: recycled materials, shock and heat resistant.

Raw earth (adobe, bauge mud, straw, hemp, etc.): absorbs humidity and is a good sound insulator, a renewable and local resource.


The eco home site recommends the use of wood, a natural and healthy material for your interior cladding.

Its installation on ceilings and walls has many advantages, starting with its aesthetics (although personal) that brings cachet and light to your interior. The installation of wood siding does not require painting or finishing; wood is self-sufficient.

For example, untreated wood cut outside will contribute to better air quality than gypsum.

Finally, (untreated) wood is not toxic to your health and the environment and is easy to maintain