Healthy alternatives

Brand nameProduct description
Clapham’sHemp wood wax with beeswax

With fragrances (essential oils)

Brand nameProduct description
Earth Friendly Products ECOSFurniture Polish+ Cleaner, Orange


It is possible to wax your wooden furniture with simply olive or almond oil.

The following recipe can be prepared to polish your furniture: Mix one cup of oil with half a cup of either white vinegar or lemon juice. Shake the mixture well. Apply a small quantity on your furniture with a soft cloth. Then use another soft cloth to gently polish the surface of the furniture. Test a small area to make sure that it works well.

Ingredients to avoid in products you choose

  • Ammonia: irritant and corrosive to the skin, eyes and respiratory and digestive tract
  • Petroleum distillates: possible carcinogens depending on the degree of purification (possible contamination by butadiene), allergens
  • Butane gas: neurotoxic, mild cardiac sensitizer
  • Mineral oil: possible carcinogen depending on the degree of purification, allergen
  • Morpholine: irritant and corrosive to the skin, eyes and the respiratory and digestive tracts
  • Nitrobenzene: possible carcinogen (confirmed in animals), cause of methemoglobinemia, toxic for reproduction and neurotoxic
  • Synthetic fragrances: allergens
  • Phenol: irritant and corrosive to the skin, eyes and respiratory and digestive tract
  • Propane: neurotoxic, mild cardiac sensitizer
  • Turpentine: irritant to skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract, neurotoxic, skin and respiratory sensitizer

Aerosol products can disperse nanoparticles, which are potentially toxic if inhaled. Some products may also contain formaldehyde and carcinogenic nitrosamines.