What is the purpose of this guide?

Everyday, we are surrounded by chemicals that are more or less harmful to our health. These products have become so common that we are no longer always concerned about them. However, in cosmetics, soaps, children’s products, household products and even in the walls and floors of our homes, many toxic substances are present. Some of these substances are likely to cause irritation, may be sensitizers, endocrine disruptors or, more seriously, may contribute to the development of cancer. Long-term exposure to all of these toxic substances is a concern. The purpose of this guide is therefore to provide information on substances to avoid in everyday products, by proposing healthier alternatives available on the market and providing links to healthy do-it-yourself recipes. It is important to act for your health and that of your loved ones while having a minimal impact on the environment. Let’s take back control of the ingredients we use, stay informed and live a healthier life together.

How to use this guide?

The information contained on this site is classified by categories and sub-categories. This organization allows you to directly consult the product(s) you are interested in. Each sub-category (e.g. mascara) contains information on healthy alternatives, tips or ideas for homemade recipes and ingredients to avoid. In the menu, you will also find sections informing you on the general steps to follow to choose healthy products (general advice), on the mission of our organization (about us), on the vocabulary used (lexicon) and a section to contact us (contact).

Is the information updated on a regular basis? 

Yes, we update the information on the site as regularly as possible. Nevertheless, you are welcome to make comments or suggestions by contacting us here.

Are the proposed healthy alternatives the only ones available on the market?

No, the healthy alternatives proposed for the different categories are only suggestions for healthy and suitable products for as many people as possible. Most of these products were selected using databases such as EWG or Think Dirty. These products are available in Canada. Nevertheless, other equally healthy products exist, and we will be happy to discuss them with you.